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Product Details
  • 100% made of twill silk
  • Hand-rolled edges
  • Made in Como, Italy
  • Digitally printed
  • W90cm x L90cm
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FELIAE accepts the following forms of payment for online purchases: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PAYPAL, Bancontact.

The authorized amount will be released by your credit card’s issuing bank according to its policy.


From the moment the order leaves our warehouse, we deliver in 1-2 business days (or 2-3 business days in UAE). All orders are processed Monday through Saturday (Saturday only where the service is available and has been selected), excluding Sunday and holidays. Additional shipping information is available during the checkout process.

In order to preserve the beauty of your Feliae silk, store your scarves flat and untied, avoid contact with rain and chemicals, and entrust them to a cleaning professional.
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It’s early morning, heading to the top of the mountain, the mist rises and the road is still long.

The powerful Middleworld 90 scarf is part of the Ecuador Collection inspired by its heights. The three patterns of the collection are the representation of the three floors of the Inca world.

Three Worlds living together

  • The underworld, beneath us, home of the Snake.
  • The middle world, the land we walk, home of the Puma
  • The upper world, where Heavens await us, home of the Condor.

Each representing a state of consciousness, a part of the human body. Each world with its own spirit animal, each world with its own scarf, telling its story. What animal will you be?

THE PUMA – The Middleworld 90 scarf

The powerful Middleworld 90 scarf is part of Feliae’s Ecuador Collection.

The puma represents the middle world. Symbol of power and strength, as well as life on earth. It is considered as the greatest predator. Also, the puma embodies intelligence and agility.

In this stage, everything is interconnected: humans, animals and nature live in harmony. It represents the state of knowledge. In the human body, this level of consciousness equals the heart.

Feliae offers you an ascent to an infinite freedom, a stated and assumed disinhibition.