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Initially, the veil worn by women was meant to cover them outside of their houses, in order for them not to be confused with slaves, prostitutes, who were prohibited from wearing the veil.

“The veil was, thus, a symbol of purity and chastity, at that time.”

It was actually a way for women to take ownership of their bodies. Although today, sadly, due to current conditions, it is wrongly understood.

In ancient Greece, the veil gave women a status, as well as a voice for them to be heard and recognized among society. Before being female, the veil had a ceremonial function: its purpose was to protect the priest from the inherent danger as the divinity came forward.

The veil was also worn by married women, to show that they were owned by their husbands (well, we didn’t say all the reasons to wear the veil were great).


We also often forget that jewish women also have to cover their hair, even though they tend to prefer wearing wigs rather than veils.

“In the Bible also, Eden had to cover her hair as a punishment for having eaten the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden.”




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