The designer Morgane Vandevelde grew up in Africa with her parents. In tribute to her childhood, Morgane draws us into the latest country her father lived in.

Therefore, the moroccan collection is the first collection FELIAE gave birth to. It reflects the long days of Marrakesh and its unique atmosphere to design silk scarves for people who are looking for adventure and a tan.

In conclusion, these unique pieces are an ode to sensuality and represent a wide-open window on the garden of Eden.


Inspired by the four times of a day, the collection the “Garden of Delights” revolves around the dawn, the zenith, the dusk and the nadir.

  • Dawn : Wildlife awakens, morning dawn gives the landscapes pastel colors, we slowly emerge from a dream.
  • Zenith : The heat brightens all the colors, the sun overwhelms the creatures that f ind some rest in the shadow areas and in the streams.
  • Dusk : The sun disappears into the warm sky, the jungle can breathe again but few are those who dare to enter it.
  • Nadir : Dark night covers the sky, figures merge together, the predatory wild animals stalk their preys. Coats disappear and eyes shine in the dark.

In every Islamic garden, we find a river square that organizes the water mythology in the Koran. The paradise is composed of four rivers facing the four cardinal points of the world. Therefore, our scarves of this collection are divided in four with a central point in each design.


Amongst the fruit trees and the tropical flowers, a feline is hidden. By its delicate curves, glorified by a light coat speckled with black… You can tell it is a Barbary leopard, a majestic species that is found in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.


The timeless Dawn 90 silk scarf is part of Feliae’s Garden of Delight Collection. It is the first of the collection. Wildlife awakens, morning dawn gives the landscapes pastel colors, we slowly emerge from a dream.

However, if you like pastel colors, have a look at our Upper World 90 scarf .

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“The timeless Dawn 90 silk scarf is part of Feliae’s Garden of Delight Collection, inspired by Morocco. Wildlife awakens, morning dawn gives the landscapes pastel colours, we slowly emerge from a dream.”

Find some inspiration on how to wear the Dawn 90 silk scarf on our instagram here.

Hand-finished edges
100% made of twill silk.
Made in Como, Italy
Digitally printed
W90cm x L90cm

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