ECUADOR COLLECTION – Upper World 90 scarf Pink

It was during a trip to Ecuador that Morgane Vandevelde discovered the beauty of the Andes mountains. While a five day trek heading to the top of Quilotoa’s volcano, she was lucky enough to learn more about the Ecuadorian’s wildlife. Therefore, amazed by this beauty and scarred for life by this experience, Morgane decided to pay tribute to this magnificent ascent.

As a result, the three patterns of the collection are inspired by an Inca belief : our world is divided by three realms. The divine Upper World silk scarf is representing the world above, the realm of the milky way.

Three Worlds living together

  • The underworld, beneath us, home of the Snake.
  • The middle world, the land we walk, home of the Puma
  • The upper world, where Heavens await us, home of the Condor.

Each representing a state of consciousness, a part of the human body. Each world with its own spirit animal. Each world its own scarf, telling its story. Which animal will you be?

THE CONDOR – The Upper World

First of all, he is considered as the most sacred bird, and known as the messenger for the heavens. Connected to the divine, he is the link between the earth and the skies. Also, he was believed to carry the dead on its wings to the afterlife. The condor equals the supra-conscious level and represents the state of restitution. In the human body, this level of consciousness equals the head.

Pink isn’t your color ? Discover the divine Upper World 90 scarf in RED

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“The divine Upper World 90 scarf is part of Feliae’s Ecuador Collection. It represents the upper world, where Heavens await us, home of the Condor. Wear it with burgundy, jeans and turquoise.

Find some inspiration on how to wear the upper world 90 scarf on our instagram here.

Hand-finished edges
100% made of twill silk.
Made in Como, Italy
Digitally printed
W90cm x L90cm

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